Tips for Running Misting Fans This Summer

Summers are a great time for having some fun with your family and friends. Setting up pool parties, BBQ, chilling in the patio, or doing your gardening – all of these activities make you feel better. But one thing that can ruin celebrations is the summer heat. Sometimes, the sun can be too harsh and high temperatures can spoil everyone’s mood.

You don’t have the comfort of your air conditioning systems either as they don’t work in the outdoors. So what’s the solution? The answer is misting fans. A misting fan creates a mist of minimal moisture that evaporates upon touching an available surface. You may have experienced this effect on a foggy morning. It results in a cool feeling on the skin. The moisture of the misting fan provides comfort to people within a designated area.

These fans come in many different styles, from industrial strength to small portable battery-operated fans that consist of an electric fan and a hand-operated water spray pump. They use the cooling power of evaporating water, so they are all natural and good for the environment.

So if you are interested in a residential misting fan, here are tips that will help you to make the most out of them-

Have an Open Area

Misting fans are made for open areas. Unlike air conditioners, they don’t work as intended in a closed space. Without open space, there will be water buildup which humidifies the air and makes the space uncomfortable. Instead of working as a misting system, they will work like a swamp cooler.

Open ventilated areas work best because they allow the mist to evaporate completely. More space means more air for the fan to breathe in. The higher volume of the air coming in makes the space cooler.

Control Dust

Construction work around your house can trigger dust and airborne particles in the air. As the fan oscillates, it wets the dust and other particles making them too heavy to remain airborne. Consequently misting fans suppress the suspended dust particles in the air, resulting in a cleaner air for you to breathe in.

If you have some form of dust allergies but don’t want to stay indoors then a misting fan makes perfect sense. It helps to soothe the dry skin and sinus tissues making it possible to enjoy your patio parties.

Use Multiple Fans

You can get multiple misting fans for the price of a single air conditioning unit. Using multiple fans for large areas will actually turn out to be cost-effective. Running multiple fans from different directions will help you to cool a large area quickly. Make sure they are spaced apart appropriately. Bunching in many fans into a small space will make the area humid.

To make them easier to setup, you can use fans with wheels. But be careful when you move them – make sure the tank is empty and the cord is unplugged.

The nozzle is the Most Important Part

In an ordinary fan, the most important parts are the blades and the motors. But in the case of a misting fan, everything comes down to the proper functioning of the nozzles. Usually, the complaint of humidity from misting fans comes from the malfunctioning of the nozzles. A clean fine-tip nozzle system will force the water to come out as mist. But with time, dust buildups in the nozzle and results in poor quality of mist.

It’s always recommended that you only use manufacturer recommended tips and read the cleaning instructions carefully.

Use Kits to Save Money

If you already have a standard pedestal fan, you can use conversion kits to convert them into a proper misting fan. There are many options available in the market. These kits contain the water line, nozzles and nozzle ring, a connector to a hose or tank, and plastic ties. This conversion can save you some good amount of cash.

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