Tips for Maintaining Your Misting System

A misting system is advantageous for a multitude of ways- it aids in saving time and money on frequent repairs, it assures optimum system performance for an elongated period of time, and, it helps keep respiratory diseases and infections at bay by averting the dust and dirt particles amassing in the misting system. The misting system, just like all other appliances, requires special attention and maintenance to function to the best of its abilities and be durable. Although your service provider can service the system every once in a while, ultimately, it is up to you to constantly check and conserve your misting system to guarantee that it stays in the peak of its performance.


Check and Clean the System Nozzles

With passing time, dust and dirt can accumulate in the openings of the misting nozzles, deaccelerating the performance levels of the system and leading to an inferior quality of the mist generated. Checking and cleaning the nozzles at regular intervals will make sure that they don’t become clogged with dirt particles. To clean the system, detach the nozzle unit from the system and immerse it in a solution made out of dissolving minerals. This solution is available for sale in most hardware stores. Besides, you could also invest in some cleanable misting nozzles for greater convenience. They have the attribute of a fog pin which makes it far easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, you can start using the nozzle right after the cleaning, thereby not leading to any delays or disruptions.


System Pump Maintenance

The maintenance of your system pump is imperative, whether you have a mid-pressure or a high-pressure system. This is inclusive of changing the filters on a routine and, in case of an oil-based system, swapping the oil recurrently. In order to change the oil, unscrew the oil bolt (typically found at the bottom of the pump) and drain away the old oil. Following that, replenish the pump with a type of oil that is suited to your particular pump system. These oil changes can be conducted approximately after the first 50 hours of use, and subsequently after every 500 hours following that oil replacement.

Some pumps require supplementary maintenance on top of this, like the inspection of the seals, valves, switches, and regulators also need to be verified on the regular and need to be changed or replaced as and when necessary. All these cumulative factors will ensure that your misting system is in its top condition and keeps generating high-quality mist.


Fittings and Lines for Leaks

Your misting system can work optimally if your system fittings and lines. In case of a leak, you must take the necessary precautions and replace the defective part with a new one for the system to continue working properly. If there is a pool of water near your system unit, it might indicate a leak. To counter this problem, you can clean the nozzles, or inspect the entire system for the possible leak, like in the lines and the fittings. If you do happen to identify a leak, replace it immediately. The necessary parts will be available in a hardware store near you.


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