Tips to Get Best Cooling Effect from Misting Fans

Summers are that time of the year when we enjoy outdoor activities like pool parties and gardening. It is the best time to have fun outdoors with friends and family; however, often the summer heat spoils our mood. The immense heat ruins the celebrations and even the air conditioning systems are useless in the outdoor areas. Although this doesn’t mean to compromise by not doing what you love to do.

To deal with harsh sun rays and high temperature, we have outdoor cooling options. To enjoy all our favorite outdoor activities, a misting fan is the best solution to keep us cool. A misting fan gives the feeling of a foggy morning by creating a mist of minimal moisture that evaporates upon touching an available surface.

You can either install it in your garden or near your pool or on the deck to stay cool during the summer. Depending on your purpose, you can choose between various different styles of misting fans, from industrial strength to small portable battery-operated fans.

  1. Misting Fans are more useful than AC

Unlike air conditioners, misting fans can be used in every area which makes them a better option than air conditioning systems. It keeps the area cool by spraying mist along with distributing air. Air conditioners are useful only in a closed space and are completely useless in outdoor settings. However, a misting fan can be used in outdoors, as well as, indoors area. You can either get a portable or a stationary misting fan, depending on your area and purpose.

  1. Follow safety measure

Misting fans use water to spray mist in order to keep an area cool. Therefore, it is necessary to take certain safety precautions. Make sure to place the fan away from electrical circuits and any item which is sensitive to water. This is because the mist may build up moisture in the electric wires which could result in a short circuit. Moreover, the misting fans are also advised to place away from wooden furniture or other stuff which may get damaged by water.

  1. Use appropriate Spray Nozzles

You might have heard that a misting fan is of little use in humid areas because it makes a humid environment even worse by adding mist to it. Well, this is absolutely wrong because a misting fan works like a dream to cool any sort of environment. However, if you use wrong or inappropriate nozzles, the misting fan’s performance will decline, making the environment more humid and unlikable.

  1. Proper Maintenance

People have a common misconception that anything kept near the misting fans becomes wet. Again, this is wrong because the tiny sprayed water droplets get evaporated easily. The misting fans may cause a water buildup only in two cases, that is, if the area is not ventilated, or if nozzles are not working properly. Therefore, make sure to use the right nozzles, specified by the manufacturer and keep the parts well-maintained to ensure proper functionality and prevent moisture buildup.

  1. Works best in Well Ventilated area

Different types of misting fans can be used indoors, as well as, outdoors. However, sometimes when these fans are used in poorly ventilated indoors environment, moisture tends builds up. When there is no ventilation available, the water drops don’t get the chance to evaporate and results in water accumulation. Therefore, make sure that the area is well ventilated to get the best cooling effect.

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