Setting Up Misting Fans For Outdoor Events

Summer is by every measure the most popular season for festivities- ranging from weddings, get together, to graduation parties, and a variety of outdoor events. While summers can be the ideal season of celebration, a particularly hot and humid day could quickly sour the deal for you and your guests. For outdoor events, the renting of a tent is not all the work you would have to do. You will additionally have to consider the positioning of cooling systems to provide for proper ventilation and regulate the humid temperatures. In this weather, there is a valid risk of someone suffering from heat stroke and other physical discomforts if there is no circulation of cool air. Especially in events such as rallies and carnivals, there is no escape from the outdoor heat.

Amongst all ventilation and cooling options, a misting fan is indubitably your best choice. Misting fans are economical and energy-efficient solutions to sultry weather conditions during any events or festivities outdoors without taking a toll on your enjoyment or your comfort.


Advantages of a Misting Fan

Most equipment to keep outdoor spaces cool can end up in a hefty bill and take up a considerable amount of energy. In this scenario, a misting fan could prove to be a benediction as it uses minimal power and is cheap. It is estimated to consume less energy than a standard hair dryer while keeping the unbearably hot outdoors cool and calm.

Good quality and standard misting fans have the ability to change temperatures within a range of 30 degrees even in partially closed places. Misting fans are noise-free and would not be an impediment to the celebrations of your event, unlike other modes of outdoor air cooling. You will not have to take the trouble of dealing with loud motor noises that would constantly intervene with the sounds of the speakers during a concert or a speech.
A common concern of the public is that the misting fan could make the surroundings damp and grubby with its mist and exasperate your guests alongside corroding adjacent electronic equipment. Nevertheless, it is far from the truth. A misting fan is known to generate the least amount of moisture and infuses the environment with freshness and pacify the blistering heat.

Setting Up a Tent with Outdoor Misting Fans

If the event you are organizing is going to be taking place in a tent, you could assign one outdoor misting fan at a distance of every twenty to twenty-five feet around the circumference of your tent. This would stabilize the temperatures within the enclosed space and make your guests feel serene and relaxed.

Extreme Heat and Misting Fans

Standard mist fans are compatible with almost all weather conditions and cooling requirements. However, if you are in need of even lower temperatures and better performance, you could consider employing the use of something even more powerful. Water misting fans would be a viable choice for this option. They can be used in correspondence with the preinstalled misting systems and can easily reduce the temperatures by a further ten degrees. This is due to the fact that the fans halve the capacity to diffuse the mist in the surrounding area at greater speed as well as facilitate the evaporation of the moisture at a quicker pace.

If you happen to be planning an outdoor event soon and are in need of high-quality misting fans, you could elicit the services of CloudBurst Misting Systems to cater to all your needs. They offer the best services at the most competitive market prices.

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