Pros of Outdoor Misting

We are all beginning to get concerned about the environment. We are surrounded by so many concerns these days about the depletion of natural resources and pollution. We are all looking for solutions to these problems that we are facing. Use of renewable resources is being promoted now. Some measures like composting, recycling, mulching, rain water harvesting and so on are being promoted. Among such practices is one of outdoor misting. You must have seen outdoor misting at least once, somewhere. Outdoor misting is the most energy efficient way to cool large spaces like outdoors or warehouses.  They use very little water and only a fraction of the energy used by other cooling methods. Mist cooling is achieved by the heat exchange experienced when water is turned into a gas (evaporation). A high pressure misting system can convert 1 gallon of water into 6000 to 8000 BTU’s of cooling thus dropping the air temperature by up to 35 degrees, depending on the dry bulb / wet bulb differential. This is very significant cooling especially with global warming rising and the temperature reaching new heights!

The good news is that installing an outdoor misting machine is not that complicated but, it needs to be strategically planned out. Outdoor misting systems help in dropping the outdoor temperature by 35 degrees.

Outdoor misting systems help us enjoy time in the sun. They help in cooling down the temperature, and are very desirable these days. Every day, more and more places are leaning towards installing outdoor misting systems. The function of a misting system is to atomize the water in the form of very fine droplets (5 to 30 microns). This type of system is commonly used for cooling down areas like porches, patios, decks and so on.

Here is a list of the benefits that outdoor misting systems offer:

1) Encourages Family Time!

Outdoor misting systems help in cooling down the temperature. Because of this, in the summer months, families can sit outside and indulge in some family activity like a barbeque or playing games. Staying inside for long periods of time gets boring. Here, the misting system comes to the rescue as it helps in cooling the temperature, making the outdoors bearable in hot summer months.

2) Cools the temperature by 35 degrees!

Desperate times call for desperate measures! These days, temperatures are so sky high, that new means of lowering the temperature are being invented. A recent invention is that of outdoor misting system. The misting system works on the principle that when heat is removed for the air, it becomes cooler (this sounds obvious). It also has the ability of increasing the humidity. These misting systems make all outdoor experiences quite enjoyable.

3) Natural insect repellent!

Not only does the outdoor misting system decrease the temperature and bring relief to us, it also acts as a natural insect repellent because flying insects do not like the mist. They help in clearing dust mites, smoke and pollen too! This is a big relief when the system is attached in a greenhouse. The principle of evaporative cooling has been implemented on a new level altogether.

4) Keeps food products fresher!

The water droplets that come out of misting device add to the air conditioning of the environment. The main function is to cool the air but mist also helps maintain a constant humidity level that helps in keeping food products fresher. The system really benefits the plants and produce as well as meat products. The produce and meat systems emit an ultra-fine mist that comes out in the form of an intermittent spray and is effective over a significant amount of space.

5) Affordable for everyone!

Misting systems have been used for cooling outdoors for years. These high quality outdoor misting systems have become quite affordable. There are also a lot of factory outlets that keep high quality misting systems at reasonable prices.

If we view the big picture, outdoor misting systems are a “must have” in today’s time! Every day, we all complain about how hot it can get outside. These outdoor misting systems are really helpful in cooling down the environment and increasing enjoyment in the areas where it is installed. These outdoor misting systems can convert an outdoor space into a beautiful escape from heat with little use of water or energy!

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