Everything You Should Know About Misting Systems

Misting systems are a great alternative for the spaces where air conditioners cannot be used. They use a fine spray of water to keep the space cool and comfortable during dry, hot or humid weather. Also known fogging systems or spray cooling, they are a perfect investment to enhance your outdoor environment.

The best part is the misting systems are very easy to install and keep up with a similar level of cooling effect as that of an air conditioner at a lesser cost. Besides this, the mechanics of these systems is pretty easy to understand. They can be used in both residential and commercial areas and are completely environmentally friendly as they use negligible quantities of water only.

The misting systems provided by Cloudburst are great to be used for your backyards, patios, garages, restaurants, resorts, warehouses, parks and even for large scale events like football matches, baseball games, etc. Here under one roof, you would find an array of high-quality misting systems, equipment and components at affordable prices.

The Working Principle of Misting Systems

You surely feel a natural cooling effect in the presence of misting systems but may be unaware as to how that happens. Well, the working of a misting system is not rocket science and rather works on a very simple principle of ‘evaporation’.

The water is generated through the pump of the misting system and passed through fine quality nozzles at a very high pressure of about 1000psi breaking down the water into ultra-fine droplets or mist. These droplets are then released in the air with the help of a fan and are quickly evaporated by the heat, letting the hot air rise and the cool air to sink. Hence, leading to cooler surroundings.

The Types of Misting Systems

Depending on the size of the space you want to cool and your other requirements, there are commonly three types of misting systems available in the market –

  • High-Pressure Misting Systems – are more suitable for big and open spaces. Operating at 800-1200 pounds of pressure or more, they are quite expensive than other misting systems.
  • Mid-Pressure Misting Systems – are mostly used in residential and commercial areas. Operating at 100 to 250 pounds of water pressure, they are very effective and affordable for home and offices.
  • Low- Pressure Misting Systems – are the simplest and least expensive of all options. However, they operate at 20-120 pounds of pressure only and produce larger water droplets, leaving the surrounding area wet which might not be suitable for all areas.

The Benefits of Installing Misting Systems

As mentioned already that misting systems are basically designed to reduce the heat in surroundings, so much that it can lead to a drop of over 30 degrees in temperature. Misting systems are preferred by people for a number of reasons, like –

  • Alternative to Air Conditioner – Conventional AC is good for indoor spaces, but for outdoor spaces, misting systems works the best.
  • Insect Repellent – Misting systems makes it impossible for flies and mosquitoes to enter or leave certain areas with its fine droplets acting as a great repellent.
  • Cleaner Air – Installation of misting systems are helpful in removing impurities in the air like dust and pollen.
  • Cost- effective – A misting system is indeed a cheaper option as compared to an AC system. There are no worries with regards to machine overheating or expensive servicing and maintenance.


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