Enjoy a Cooler Summer with Patio Misting Fans

One of the favorite pastimes of most Americans includes sitting on the patio and enjoying the nature. Not only does it extend your living area, the entertainment factor is the defining reason why people have them installed in the first place. Be it a family gathering, barbequing or a bottle of beer; patios make an excellent recreational space for most homeowners. However, nobody wants to spend their leisure time in the blistering heat. The scorching heat of the Sun makes the usage of patios impractical during summers. Therefore, patio misting system is a comprehensive solution to beat the heat this summer. Whether you are installing a new patio or upgrading an existing one, patio misting fans turn out to be a valuable addition to your patio area.

Here are some reasons to consider misting fans for your patio:

Significant Cooling

Installing ceiling fans is a great way to keep guests cool during summers, but during the hottest days, it may not be enough leaving them sweaty and uncomfortable. Patio misting fans are designed to reduce the temperature of outdoor areas by almost 25 degrees, keeping the area cooler than most conventional ACs. As the water droplets undergo flash evaporation, it quickly absorbs the heat in the atmosphere leaving your outdoor area much cooler than it was earlier.

Controls Insects and Dust

Pest likes flies can turn off your guests and make them uncomfortable. Besides cooling your outdoor area, patio misting fans turn out to be an ideal option for controlling dust, flying insects, pollens and allergens present in the air. As the fan oscillates, it wets the dust and other particles making them too heavy to remain airborne. Consequently misting fans suppress the suspended dust particles in the air, resulting in a cleaner air for you to breathe. In addition to that, misting fans increase the humidity of the air which soothes the dry skin and sinus tissues helping prevent allergies.

Easy to Install and Operate

If you are an experienced DIYer, installing misting fans for your patio isn’t a herculean effort. Even if you call a professional to get the job done for you, it won’t take much time and the complexity is rather moderate. At the same time, operating patio misting system is a convenient option for most homeowners as it can be operated from the hose on the side of the house. To improve the longevity of your misting system, maintenance of misting pump and other components is highly suggested.

Cost Effective

Unlike the conventional air conditioning systems, the best part about patio misting fans is that it’s affordable. Adding to that where air conditioning is not an option, an outdoor misting system like misting fan is the only option. With proper maintenance and upkeep, a misting fan serves as an economical, reliable and long-lasting cooling partner for your family.

Choosing the right misting fan for your patio is equally important. Misting fans operating at 1000psi are generally suited for most residential applications. If you are in a constant battle to stay hydrated and keep your patio area cooler, a misting fan is the right solution for you.

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