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World's Best Disinfectant Applicators

World’s Best Disinfectant Applicators

NEBTEC™ “a Cloudburst® company” offers the most complete line of portable high-density mist disinfectant applicators & fixed line systems in the market.

We offer the most complete line of portable high-density / low-volume mist disinfectant applicators & fixed line systems in the market. Our equipment exceeds performance expectations, with top reliability & exceptional post-sales support. Our commitment is to produce products with the highest quality, life span & efficiency all backed by 25-years of experience, engineering & manufacturing premium quality misting systems.

When a fast & effective disinfection application is required, Nebtec™ Equipment is the best choice for portable & fixedline mist generation systems. Applications include spot disinfection & neutralization of small and large, industrial, commercial & residential areas.


  1. Easy to use by non-specialized users.
  2. 4x to 6x better coverage than other applicators.
  3. Savings through flow reduction.
  4. No over wetting with faster application time.
  5. Less or non-power consumption.
  6. Improved overall disinfection results.
  7. Portability.

Main differentiators

Our main differentiator is that our technology completely saturates surfaces & environments with disinfecting micro droplets. We achieve total & uniform surface coverage with minimum chemical consumption, maximizing the use of disinfectant, meeting the recommended dwell-times* for effective cleaning, sanitizing & disinfection processes.

We have been designing, manufacturing & operating our equipment for over 25 years with mist generation systems operating in 5 continents with a vast variety of uses, from cooling, mass disinfection, dust suppression, artworks all the way up to sophisticated automated high pressure atmospheric condition control misting systems for thermodynamic industrial processes.

We have several specialized solutions for multiple applications, conditions & environments all supported by our engineering expertise. We can design a turnkey project for your specific requirements.

*Dwell times are specified on each EPA registered product to be used on our equipment.

It is Not Just About Micron Size

NEBTEC™ has designed the perfect mist for disinfecting. All of our applicators deliver an engineered mix of particle sizes (5 50 microns) that gives it the correct density & flow to uniformly coat any surface fast & efficiently so it can meet any disinfectants required “dwell” time without over wetting. This is the key to effective disinfecting.

Sanitizer ProTM 1OO

Handheld Disinfectant Applicator (Model CBS 1OO)

Compact and high-density / low volume. The Sanitizer Pro™ 100 delivers an incredibly powerful micro-spray that is perfect for disinfecting your home, office, vehicles, packages, groceries… as well as a perfect addition to all commercial disinfecting needs as a spot applicator.

  • Working pressure: 90 PSI (3x higher pressure than others)
  • Reinforced seals & fittings for long lasting use
  • 5 Nozzle Micro-StarCluster™ for perfect atomization and coverage
  • EZ Action Pump – just a few pumps pressurize the entire bottle
  • Up to 5x faster and better coverage than other options costing 10 times more
  • Perfect for disinfecting, “not too wet” & “not to dry” – providing the correct dwell times without wasting your valuable chemical
  • Available in 16 & 32 oz sizes

*Relative size of an item as compared to other items. Size & scale are approximate.

Sanitizer ProTM 25O 18 V

Backpack Disinfectant Applicator (Model CBS 25O)

The Sanitizer Pro™ 250 gives the same great performance as the Sanitizer Pro 200 but without the need for manual pumping. It’s incredibly powerful micro diaphragm pump delivers a 90 to 100 psi high density fine mist unlike any other electric backpack sprayer on the market. It creates the same “perfect mist” for disinfecting & disinfecting that is better than other applicators costing 5 times more. They are a perfect way to disinfect medium & large areas such as schools, restaurants, warehouses, cruise ships, office buildings & more.

  • Working pressure: 90 to 100 PSI
  • 18 Volt LI-ION or LA Battery (up to 4 hrs on a single charge)
  • Built in Charger & Voltmeter
  • Patent Pending SS Lance with our 9 Nozzle Dual Micro-StarCluster™
  • Up to 5x faster & more effective than traditional other battery powered sprayers for perfect atomization (5 > 50 micorn)
  • Perfect mist for disinfecting, “not too wet” & “not to dry” – Keeps you from over wetting and wasting your valuable chemicals
  • 4 Gallon Capacity – Colors May Vary
  • Tank autonomy 12 000 sq ft in 58 minutes

*Relative size of an item as compared to other items. Size & scale are approximate.

Sanitizer ProTM 3OO

Pull Cart Disinfectant (Model CBS 3OO)

Applicator Sanitizer Pro™ 300 is a seriously nice piece of equipment. It gives the professional or anyone else needing medium & large venue disinfection a way to provide fast and effective application, while being mobile enough to go where other high pressure tanks cannot. It is perfect for disinfecting schools, warehouses, cruise ships, office buildings & more.

  • Working pressure: 200 PSI
  • 120/240v models available (optional 12 volt package available)
  • Patent Pending SS Lance with our 9 Nozzle Dual Micro-StarCluster™ for perfect atomization (5 50 micron).
  • Cloudburst’s exclusive 200 PSI pump “Made in the USA”
  • Large pneumatic wheels
  • 20″ wheelbase – easily fits through any standard doorway
  • Sturdy powder coated steel frame & pull handle
  • 13-gallon UV resistant tank
  • Reinforced high-pressure tubing
  • Saves on time & chemical use
  • Larger sizes available up request
  • Tank autonomy 39 000 sq ft in 1.51 hours

*Relative size of an item as compared to other items. Size & scale are approximate.

Sanitizer ProTM 325

Industrial Pull Cart Disinfectant Applicator (Model CBS 325)

Need something more powerful? The Sanitizer Pro™ 325 gives it to you. With an impressive 1200 PSI commercial grad pump, it gives you BIG performance in a rugged portable package. Available in 120V and 240V models. It is truly a one of a kind work horse for anyone needing to disinfect “really” large areas while being fast & efficient.

  • Working pressure: 1200 PSI
  • 120/240V
  • Compact rugged design for easy transport & durability
  • Patent Pending SS Lance with our 30 Nozzle StarCluster™ for powerfully fast application
  • Cloudburst’s exclusive commercial grade 1200 PSI pump “Made in the USA”
  • Over sized, all terrain pneumatic wheels
  • Powder coated steel frame & enclosure
  • 26-gallon UV resistant tank
  • “Easy Real” hose real with 50′ of reinforced high-pressure tuning
  • Tank autonomy 59 800 sq ft in 46 minutes

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*Relative size of an item as compared to other items. Size & scale are approximate.

Portable Disinfectant Applicators

From small handheld disinfecting applicators to some of the largest disinfecting vehicles on the planet, Cloudburst Misting Systems offers the most complete line of portable disinfectant misting products available today.

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Authorized Distributor for the Best Disinfectant Products Available

There are many good disinfecting chemicals on the market. We of course feel that we have the best and here is why:

  • 99.9999% (6 log) reduction on bacteria and viruses
  • Cleans, Disinfects and Neutralizes Odors—All In one
  • Safe for Most Surfaces
  • Environment and People Friendly

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