Beating Heat at Summer Party – Misting Systems

Summers are the time when we all prefer chilling out with friends or relatives or going for long vacations. In addition, it is also the time when we enjoy being lazy around the patio and frequently dips in pools. Apart from going for holidays or slaying inside the houses, outdoor summer parties are yet another way to hang out with friends and family.

With summers at its peak, partying on your patio or backyards is another way to beat the heat. All that is required is an appropriate cooling and misting solutions that will shun the heat effectively. Misting solutions comprise of misting fans and mist cooling systems that have the ability to turn down the heat during scorching summers. With efficient and cooling solutions, misting systems unleash the heat, bringing the impractical areas in use and makes them entertaining places for summer parties. read more

Enjoy a Cooler Summer with Patio Misting Fans

One of the favorite pastimes of most Americans includes sitting on the patio and enjoying the nature. Not only does it extend your living area, the entertainment factor is the defining reason why people have them installed in the first place. Be it a family gathering, barbequing or a bottle of beer; patios make an excellent recreational space for most homeowners. However, nobody wants to spend their leisure time in the blistering heat. The scorching heat of the Sun makes the usage of patios impractical during summers. Therefore, patio misting system is a comprehensive solution to beat the heat this summer. Whether you are installing a new patio or upgrading an existing one, patio misting fans turn out to be a valuable addition to your patio area. read more

Methods for Maintaining your Misting Systems

Misting systems have proved to be an important element behind the prolonged success of many business establishments in the sector of food, industry, and agriculture. Besides, serving the purposes of outdoor cooling, they have goodwill for helping the enterprises with outdoor settings to work smoothly and efficiently. Misting systems are used for various applications such as food preservation, humidity and dust control, and livestock cooling. Just as other electronic devices and appliances require proper care and maintenance; these systems also demand a certain amount of attention for their better functioning. read more

Ways to Maintain Your Outdoor Misting Fan

Proper care and maintenance are two important things that you should remember to prolong and improve the life of your appliances, electronic devices, furniture and anything that you want to last. Furthermore, proper care and maintenance may enhance the function and usefulness of the electronic devices and appliances that you own.

After purchasing appliances, the responsibility in taking care of the things that you have purchased, is transferred to you. Hence, you have the option to take care of it as you use it, or to just leave it unattended and unkempt, after using it. Well, if you love your things and value the money that you have used to purchase it, you’ll always think of ways to take care of it. For instance, after purchasing a misting fan, you may want to think of a ways that help you maintain the fan to keep it running for a long time. read more

The Many Applications of Misting Systems

Misting systems have been an important factor which can be attributed to the success of many business establishments, including those of the food, industrial and agricultural sector. These systems are well known for their role in outdoor cooling of the backyard patio, garden or arou nd the pool. They also have a great reputation for helping business establishments with outdoor settings to have a smooth and continuous flow of their business operations at all times, even on the hottest of days. This is because they can easily enhance any outdoor environment to exude an air of coolness. However, the use of a misting system is no longer limited to just cooling a home patio or business setting. It is now being used for several different applications, including livestock cooling, humidity and dust control, food preservation and more. read more

Commercial Misting Systems Keep Businesses with an Outdoor Element – “In the Cool”

Being an owner of a restaurant, bar with outdoor access, open-air shopping mall or any other commercial business with an outdoor element, you are obliged to make your establishment a desirable place to visit, no matter what the weather conditions are. You want your business to be a “must go to” place where people want to visit all the time.

Though summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities and events, if your place is too hot, customers will not want to visit. People won’t enjoy eating or dining in a hot place or buy the idea of shopping in a hot arcade or shopping mall. Having to face the challenges to really maintain the interest and attraction of your customers, you have to come up with a solution or a way to solve this problem. read more

A Patio Misting Fan Will Transform Your Scorching, Hot Outdoor Area Into a Backyard Oasis

In the United States, Southwest-Arizona and part of Louisiana are considered the hottest region in the country. However, during summer, almost all of the places in the U.S. experience high temperatures. Some environmentalists would say that the intense heat is due to the manifestation of global warming. However, some critics would say that the rise in summer temperature can also be considered a natural phenomenon. Whatever would be your reason, everyone agrees that it seems to be getting hotter in certain parts of the world. Finding ways to keep cool during these hot temperatures is essential if one is to enjoy or even tolerate these scorching days. read more

Pros of Outdoor Misting

We are all beginning to get concerned about the environment. We are surrounded by so many concerns these days about the depletion of natural resources and pollution. We are all looking for solutions to these problems that we are facing. Use of renewable resources is being promoted now. Some measures like composting, recycling, mulching, rain water harvesting and so on are being promoted. Among such practices is one of outdoor misting. You must have seen outdoor misting at least once, somewhere. Outdoor misting is the most energy efficient way to cool large spaces like outdoors or warehouses.  They use very little water and only a fraction of the energy used by other cooling methods. Mist cooling is achieved by the heat exchange experienced when water is turned into a gas (evaporation). A high pressure misting system can convert 1 gallon of water into 6000 to 8000 BTU’s of cooling thus dropping the air temperature by up to 35 degrees, depending on the dry bulb / wet bulb differential. This is very significant cooling especially with global warming rising and the temperature reaching new heights! read more

Cost Effective Misting Systems That Help You Cool Down

Summer time is a difficult time for quite a few people. For some, it is just downright annoying. The summer months of May and June with the peak heat and humid months of July, August and September (of course, I’m talking about the people in the Northern Hemisphere here) can be quite a task to get through if you do not possess the proper equipment to keep you cool. In some really hot countries which are located nearer to the equator than the rest, the heat can really get to you. It can interfere with your work or your studies, killing your concentration and may even have drastic impacts, once in a while, like heat strokes or worse. read more

Cloudburst and RetroCool increase the performance of supermarket refrigeration

supermarket refrigerationSystem increases peak ambient capacity by up to 40% while reducing energy usage for supermarket refrigeration

(Natick, MA, February 1, 2014) RetroCool Energy, Inc. of Natick, MA and CloudburstTM Misting Systems Inc. of Oxnard, CA, have developed an effective line of evaporative misting systems under the trade name RetroMist©.

These systems have been specifically designed to improve the peak ambient performance of air-cooled refrigeration systems in supermarkets. Cloudburst is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of evaporative misting systems. RetroCool Energy is a market leader in providing cooling-related energy conservation services to supermarkets. read more