Best Ways to Maintain your Misting System

A good misting system is a summer time saviour fir many back yards and front lawns around the world. Providing an atmosphere of misty coolness and protecting people from the summer heat. It isn’t hard to imagine how difficult it would be if your misting system was to stop working on a summer day due to maintenance issues. Therefore, it is important to keep your misting system at its peak capability.

The best way to lengthen the life and functionality of any electrical appliance is to maintain it properly. When it comes to misting systems, it is wise to take some effort to maintain it even if your provider already carries out service checks. By maintaining a misting system well and getting regular service check ups, it can be preserved at top working condition for a long time.

Taking some measures to maintain your misting system also saves you from spending precious time and money on repairs. Also, regular cleaning of the system helps in avoiding any chance of respiratory diseases spread by the accumulation of dust and dirt in it.

Here are some simple ways in which you can maintain your misting system at its optimal functionality:

  1. Keep the system nozzles clean

Collection of dust and dirt in the misting nozzles can adversely effect the performance of the misting system and the quality of the mist. Impure mist can cause and spread diseases, therefore it is necessary to always keep the system nozzles clean. The best way to clean clogged and dirty nozzles is remove them from the system and leave them in a solution made from dissolving minerals. It’s an easily arranged and effective method. You can find solutions made from dissolving minerals at your local hardware store. Also, it is beneficial to invest in cleanable nozzles. They become with a fog pin which makes it easy to detach and reattach them during cleaning and servicing without any delay.


  1. Keep the system pumps well maintained

Whether you’re using a mid pressure or high pressure system, it is important to keep your mist pump well maintained and by that, we mean changing the filters and if it is oil-based, then making sure you change the oil frequently. To change the oil, you first need to unscrew the oil cap and then drain the old oil. Once properly drained, fill the pump with the new oil.


Additionally you may also need to check regulators, valves and switches to ensure your pump functions properly and generates high quality mist.

  1. Check fittings and linings for leaks


If your misting system shows a reduced quality of performance, it could be caused by a leak in the system fittings or lines. Always make sure your system fittings and lines are functioning properly and in good condition. Make sure any leak in the system linings or fittings is repaired quickly. If a part is damaged, have it replaced properly to maintain optimal functionality of the system.

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