Cloudburst® Testimonials

Hooters Success Story

Hooters is known for great wings, burgers and ahem, nice sites. Most also have great covered patios that run the length the building. When the weather is nice, these outdoor seating areas fill up quickly. They provide a very popular spot for happy hour where people unwind from a day at the grindstone. The problem is these patios go largely unused in the summer because of the unbearable heat. Fans just seem to move the hot air around a bit.


Hooters installed a Cloudburst high pressure mist cooling system. Misting nozzles were installed around the perimeter of the covered patio to create a curtain of mist.  As the mist flash evaporates it cools the air around the patio giving the fans a fighting chance. The combination of the natural air movement, fans and mist cooling create a dramatically cooler patio without getting everyone wet!

August 21, 1996

Dear Steve:

On behalf of the Sports Equipment staff, we want to extend our sincerest thanks to Cloudburst for your hard work, support and contribution to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games require nothing but the best sports equipment. The quality of your product and efficiency of your staff enhanced the success of the Olympic sports competition. We hope that you will take pride in knowing that the 1996 Olympic Games would not have been possible without your participation and exceptional support

Thank you for choosing to be a part of Olympic history and best of luck in the future!


Mike Arellano, Christa Bodin, Steve Oldenbourg

May 30, 1997

Dear Steve:

Spring and summer are here in Atlanta – so is the heat and humidity. We are appreciative of Cloudburst Misting Systems which have had terrific results at our auction in helping keep things cool.

Our customers have found it great during a sale to walk over and spend a few moments in front of the mister. We see a benefit in keeping our customers at the sale longer by providing relief from the heat. We also use the misting system during the week for our employees to cool off between parking vehicles and on breaks. We hear everyone saying the same thing – “This is great”!

Thank you for your professional interest in assuring our satisfaction.


Kyle E. Ohman

Runners, fans try to play it cool

How do you spray relief? Dan O’Brien uses a mister to keep cool between events Friday at the Olympic Track and Field Trials as stadium temperatures climbed to 97 degrees.

ANGEL REPORT: Management Provides Appreciated Relief

RELIEVER’S RELIEF: Angels closer Troy Pervical takes advantage of a misting fan the Angels obtained for the dugouts. He got his 18th save. Terry Collins, Manager of the Anaheim Angels, credited [Cloudburst Misting Systems®] with “saving about three or four guys. It helped us win.”