About Cloudburst® Misting Systems, Inc.

Cloudburst® Misting Systems, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest mist system manufacturers in the United States. We have been offering the best high pressure misting systems and misting fan technology available since 1994. Because of our reputation for quality & innovation, our products are used all over the world and  have been chosen over and over again to cool high profile venues, such as:

  • 1996 Summer Olympics -Atlanta
  • Professional & College Sports
  • Six Flags
  • Hooters
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • The Peninsula, Beverly Hills

In 1993, Steve Wright was a 300-pound right offensive tackle playing for the NFL’s Los Angeles Raiders. He was also a man with an idea.

Earlier that year, Steve had visited Palm Springs and had been amazed by the remarkable cooling produced on the patios of local restaurants when mist was introduced into the environment. This sparked an idea, and when the football season started, Steve went to head Coach Art Shell and asked if he could set-up a mist line above the Raider’s bench to cool off the players. Coach Shell said he could give it a try and today, nearly every college and pro football team utilizes mist cooling to keep their players cool and refreshed.

In 1994, Steve retired from a 13-year career in the NFL and founded Cloudburst® Misting Systems, Inc. to bring mist cooling to the world. Later that year, Steve hired Mike Davis as a consultant to help bring his ideas to market. On their first trip to Arizona that Summer, to work with potential investors and manufacturers, one potential manufacturer put on a demonstration. He had a 2500 square foot house that had been left all day with the air conditioning off and the windows closed. At 5 pm, it was 95 degrees in the house. The manufacturer opened a pair of French doors in the back of the house, opened the front door, and placed a large misting fan about 10 feet behind the French doors and turned on the fan and the mist. Within a minute and a half the temperature in the house was a comfortable 74 degrees.

There was no more need to find an investor, Mike was sold and became a partner.

Since then, Cloudburst® Misting Systems, Inc. has continued to bring cool and innovative products to the market, selling both high and low pressure misting equipment on every continent except Antarctica.