The Outdoor Misting Fan: Cooling Down the Great Outdoors


outdoor misting fan cooling

Do you live in a climate that can get pretty hot during those peak summer months? Then you’re probably ready to explore your options for an outdoor cooling system.

At Cloudburst Misting Systems, we understand the science and the art of using outdoor misting fans. We understand that the ability to cool outdoor areas with a misting fan depends on one major factor – the wind. With a prevailing wind, light wind, or no wind at all, you can achieve some remarkable results with outdoor water misting fans. (See our  potential temperature drop chart  and add 5 to 10 degrees for the wind chill factor.)

Typically, in outdoor areas it is advisable to use misting nozzles with an orifice size of .012 ″ . The exception would be areas with extremely high humidity (60% and above), then you would .008 ″ or .006 ″ nozzles depending on the exact nature of the job.

Cooling outdoor areas with outdoor misting fans is relatively straight forward and can be broken into 2 different types*:

1. Sports Sideline and Amusement Outdoor Cooling
In this type of cooling, the people do not mind getting damp, and more often than not, they prefer to. Because of this, the misting fans are typically placed at head height, so people can stand directly in front of them and get wet if they want to or stand a few feet back and stay dry. Portable Misting Fans are often used for these types of jobs because of their flexibility, ease of use, and quick installation.

2. Restaurant Patio & Back Yard Patio Outdoor Cooling
When cooling large outdoor areas where people do not want to notice the moisture, the misting fan should be set at its highest level and aimed slightly above the horizon. The oscillation should be set to match the area being cooled. If possible, place the misting fans 10-20 ′ behind the area to be cooled. This will allow the cooled air to settle and keep the sound less noticeable.

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*For best results use with Cloudburst®  High Pressure Pumps  and  Misting Nozzles