Mist Cooling & Humidity

High Pressure Misting (Fogging) is a very effective & efficient way to cool down large areas even in high humidity climates.  In fact, many of the more humid states such as Texas, Florida & other South Eastern States with a very high average humidity, are among our largest growing states with mist equipment sales more then doubling since 2006.

This is in a large part because people are finally being educated to the fact that high pressure mist systems can cool down any area in any climate as long as they are installed properly.  With the use of the correct size mist nozzles, nozzle & mist line placement, pump size and the correct use of misting fans we can cool down almost any area as much as 25 degrees with out getting anyone wet.  This is because we have the capability of producing such a fine mist droplet that it evaporates almost immediately even in the most humid conditions.

So whether you live in the dryness of the Southwest states or the 80% humidity of South Florida we can keep you cool & dry with the correct use of the best misting systems & dealer network in the US.

See our store for our complete line of misting fans, mist lines systems, mist nozzles, high pressure misting pumps, & all your other mist cooling needs including Dealer/Installers in your area (call if none listed).